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After many years of work with SMPS I would like to share some of my discoveries and realizations during that time with my visitors. I have accumulated lots of experience, and now and then I have encountered tasks which required new and some times unknown solutions. The outcome has been many useful discoveries, thoughts, ideas and methods, which I would like to share with my colleague SMPS designers.
Therefore  my web-site has been extended with the following links, leading to my articles about things you probably didn't know.
More articles may come in near future.


Feedback in switch mode power converters Would you like to learn more about how to calculate and understand your SMPS feedback loops, please try this link.
Understanding the Feedback Loop in a Buck Converter An alternative description of the math behind the feedback loop in a buck converter including a surprisingly simple description of the tendency towards self oscillation at half the switching frequency.
Mostly for nerds !
Feedback from the world will be much appreciated.
Half-Bridge with Current Mode Control Perhaps you know that a half-bridge converter cannot be controlled with Current Mode Control. But indeed it can, as long as you don't overdo it. See how far you can go and how useful it can be.
LLC and LCC resonance converters Have you ever tried to build a resonance converter and burnt your fingers? Then you are not alone. But here you will find help of a different kind than you have ever seen before.


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