Runo's Power Design

My job may consist of everything from a few consultant hours concerning circuits that troubles you - to total electrical designs including PCB layout and maybe EMC test.
Before starting larger tasks I usually enter into a written agreement with my customer, in which our expectations to the co-operation is written down.

A "total" design typically involves:

  • I can assist in compiling a requirement specification for the new product.

  • Choice of switchmode topology: flyback, buck, half bridge, push-pull, resonance converter etc.

  • Calculations and choice of key figures by means of home designed mathcad worksheets.

  • First circuit diagram, construction of a "bird's nest" and winding of the first transformer etc.

  • Test, adjustment and improvements of the "bird's nest".

  • Winding specification for the transformer.

  • A parts list or key component list with proposals for suppliers.

  • Often it is a good investment to let me assist with your first PCB layout.

  • If desired, I can do a preliminary measurement of conducted and radiated emission on the "bird's nest" or the first prototype.

  • On request, my work can be finished with a report in Danish or English, containing circuit description, calculation results, typical oscilloscope pictures, measurements in the test circuit and other relevant information.


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