Runo's Power Design

My working table has gradually become well equipped with instruments, which I use for measurements and experiments through the development course. 
Right now the following instruments are part of the list:

  • Digital mixed signal oscilloscope Agilent MSO7054A.

  • Current probe for oscilloscope. LEM PR50. DC - 50MHz. 0 - 50 Ampere.

  • Spectrum analyzer Siglent SSA3032X with EMC software, which I use for pre-compliance measurements and EMC fighting. Measured spectra can be transferred to my PC and compared to relevant limit lines.

  • LISN network (9kHz - 30MHz) with possibility to separate the Common Mode and the Differential content of the noise. I also produce and sell this LISN.

  • Power analyzer Voltech PM100 for measurement of power, harmonics in the mains current and other useful things.

  • Function generator TTI TG330.

  • Mains separated vario transformers 3 Ampere and 10 Ampere.

  • Various DC bench power supplies.  Among the most powerful ones is EA PS 9072-40A : 0 - 72 Volt and 0 - 40 Ampere   and   EA-HV9000 : 0 - 450V and 0 - 4,5A.

  • DC bench power supply  0-1000 Volt, 0-12 Ampere, max. 7 kWatt  -  a spin-off of a design made for a customer.

  • Electronic loads Zentro Elektrik. 200W, 500W and 6000W with pulse load function etc.

  • A home built electronic load with 5 independent channels a versatile pulse load function and many other useful features.

  • LCR meter MOTECH 4080A. Measuring frequencies 100Hz - 100kHz.

  • Digilent's Analog Discovery - a small but impressing multi-purpose computer controlled instrument: scope, function generator, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, impedance analyzer etc. etc.

  • Various multimeters.

  • Infrared thermo camera DALI T2-E.

  • Home made 6-point temperature sensor with type K "thermowire".

  • Home built winding machine with up/down counter. For fast construction of experimental inductors and transformers.


Methods of work


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