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Several internet sites contain interesting and instructive information about switchmode technology.
Here are a few:

Ridley Engineering SMPS courses. Specialist in feedback loops. Power 4-5-6 software.
How2Power Power electronics portal, many articles and a great search tool
Heinz Schmidt-Walter... On-line design tool for pulse width modulated SMPS topologies
PowerEsim Comprehensive on-line design tool for many topologies
Brad Suppanz Some theoretical views on the three basic topologies
Lazar's Corner Many useful references to SMPS literature and software
SMPStech An instructive web-site about SMPS design with many references
BoostBuck The CUK converter and related topologies
COPEC Colorado Power Electronics Center: articles etc.

A raised finger:
Always be critical of what you see or read.
Even though it is put on the internet, it is not necessarily the one and only truth.
And even though your circuit is the output of a dedicated software program, e.g. from an IC supplier, it is not always the best solution in your special case.


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