Runo's Power Design

  • Graduated in 1978 from Aalborg University as a B. Sc. in Electronic Engineering.
  • Employed in the TV development department of Bang & Olufsen as a design engineer until 1994. Main occupation was development of switching (SMPS) power supplies and deflection circuits, including the high voltage (25 - 30kV) supply for the picture tube.
    As a consequence, I was also deeply involved in measurements and finding solutions to various EMC problems.
  • In 1994 I and my family moved to Fyn. I was employed as a design engineer by Danica Supply (later APW Power Supplies, which was unfortunately closed in 2004). At Danica Supply I carried out the development of several new switchmode power supplies - partly standard types, partly customer specified units.
  • Since January 1999 my workplace has been in my home in Tommerup as an independent consultant in electronics engineering. Since then, I have contributed to the development of a variety of new power supplies for various customers.

During these many years I have accumulated a huge experience and flair for analogue and switched electronics, switch mode topologies, feedback loops, inductive components, refined measurement techniques, mathematical modelling and calculation of difficult topics, EMC and much more.
Previous colleagues often consulted me for analysis of strange phenomena, or for simplification of electronic circuits that had become too complicated.


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