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It is a well known fact that SMPS circuits usually cause trouble with electrical interference.
Therefore, a considerable part of my job is to measure and suppress interference, so that relevant legislation is met, and so that circuits do not interfere with themselves.

Electrical interference is often conceived as something mysterious or inscrutable. It does not have to be so. Electrical noise obeys well known physical rules - it just may be hard to see.
I am convinced that most noise filters in this world are designed exclusively after the "we used to do it like this"-method or the "try something and see if it gets better"-method. This may lead to usable solutions but rarely the best or the cheapest ones.
I have a comprehensive experience in measuring noise phenomena and set up a rational interpretation of measurements and experiments so that the appropriate actions can be taken.
According to experience, there is not many cases in which the appropriate actions are the same.

Some kinds of electrical noise are so predictable that a noise spectrum can be calculated, however most kinds of noise are not easy to predict accurately. Measurements and experiments are the best tools here.

For the measurement of conducted emission I build and sell a newly developed LISN (artificial mains network) with unprecedented noise diagnosis options, which will be invaluable for a research and development engineer.


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