Runo's Power Design

  • Assistance or complete design of circuits, transformers etc. for specific power supply projects.
    I often use dedicated SMPS-ICs or - if this is not feasible - I often design partly or completely with discrete components.
    Calculation and specification of transformers, noise filters and other magnetic components are treated as an integrated part of the whole, that forms a switching power supply.

  • Evaluate existing solutions and, if necessary, propose improvements.

  • Trouble shooting and correction of strange behaving prototypes.

  • EMC trouble shooting: "external" EMC related to legislation limits, as well as "internal" EMC problems, in which switching circuits generate self pollution.

  • Technical advise before and during your development course (but rather not after ;-)

  • Assist you and (hopefully) show the way out of technical difficulties that you may encounter.

  • Assist at the first PCB layout of your switching power supply in order to minimize prototype problems.

  • Set up mathematical models and perform relevant calculations on difficult matters.

  • Give courses in switch mode and EMC related subjects. After > 40 years in the field I have a lot to tell.


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